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Associate Professor

Prof. Dr. Aline Chalus V. Carissimi

PhD and post-doctorate in Education (UFPR)
Associate Professor UniLogos
Pedagogue at the State Department of Education of Paraná
Coordinator of the Pedagogy Course at the Faculty of Technology of Curitiba (FATECPR)
Coordinator of the International Observatory of Educational Management and Policies (Inter-Ação)
See the Lattes Curriculum

Prof. Dr. Eduardo Fofonca

PhD in Education, Art and History of Culture (Mackenzie, SP) and Ph.D in Education (UniLogos).
Post-doctorate in Education (UDESC) and Didactics (UNESP).
Associate Professor UniLogos.
Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Education/UniLogos.
Coordinator of the InterEducom International Observatory – Education, Communication and Technologies.
Leader of the Conexões Study and Research Group: Education, Digital Culture and Innovation (CNPq).
Researcher at the Pedagogical Practices Study Group: Articulating Elements (UTP/CNPq).
Researcher at the Professor, School and Technologies Studies and Research Group (UFPR/CNPq).
Advisor professor of the Master’s Program in Education (TPEn/UFPR).
Adjunct Professor of Postgraduate Studies in Education at the Tuiuti University of Paraná.
See the Lattes Curriculum