Prof. Dr. Eduardo Fofonca

PhD in Education, Art and History of Culture (Mackenzie, SP) and Ph.D in Education (UniLogos).
Post-doctorate in Education (UDESC) and Didactics (UNESP).
Associate Professor UniLogos.
Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Education/UniLogos.
Coordinator of the InterEducom International Observatory – Education, Communication and Technologies.
Leader of the Conexões Study and Research Group: Education, Digital Culture and Innovation (CNPq).
Researcher at the Pedagogical Practices Study Group: Articulating Elements (UTP/CNPq).
Researcher at the Professor, School and Technologies Studies and Research Group (UFPR/CNPq).
Advisor professor of the Master’s Program in Education (TPEn/UFPR).
Adjunct Professor of Postgraduate Studies in Education at the Tuiuti University of Paraná.
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